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Lamp wattage guide

Lamp Wattage Guide

Wattage indicates the amount of energy a bulb uses (or in other words, how much electric power a bulb consumes), not the amount of light it emits.

Before selecting wattage, look at the maximum wattage your light fixture can yield. Installing the wrong wattage can create excess heat, which can create a serious fire hazard in your home.

The chart below helps you choose an energy-saving equivalent to a traditional incandescent source:


75-watt 53-watt20-watt14-watt
60-watt 43-watt15-watt12-watt
40-watt 28-watt10-watt8-watt


Purchasing Tip: When shopping, compare the lumens and life of different bulbs of the same wattage to settle on a lamp that gives you the best combination of light output and length of life.

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