Lighting Tips

Quick Tips for Landscaping

Take a cue from the moon.
An ice blue lens enhances the colors of evergreen foliage and also "cools off" a halogen lamp like the MR16, giving it the appearance of moonlight.

Remember growth potential.
When installing low voltage spread lights in a bed of annual flowers, use the S6 adjustable stake so the fixture can be raised as the flowers grow.

It's not polite to glare.

To help conceal the light source, use a cutoff louver such as the ML1 for the BL616 or the ICG16 for the IL116.

It's not polite to glare, continued.

Taking a few extra moments to adjust the shroud on bullytes will pay beautiful dividends in directing illumination exactly where you want it

Save the trees.

To avoid poisoning trees, use only stainless steel or cadmium-plated steel fasteners when mounting fixtures.

Save the trees, continued.
When attaching low voltage cable to a tree, use a wire tie with a grommet end. This allows the cable to flex slightly off the tree, preventing damage to both.