Consultation Services

Consultation Services
  • Blueprint or Floorplan fixture layout*
  • Fixture Selection
  • Fixture Cut Sheets
  • Job Site Evaluation
  • Builder Packages for Condo Projects
  • Electrician Referrals

* Subject to layout fee, which can be used as a deposit on the purchase of your fixtures from Kendall Lighting Center

What to Expect When Lighting Your Home

For many new home buyers the process of selecting lighting can be somewhat overwhelming. Our goal is to give you an idea of what information would be helpful to consider before starting your lighting selections.


Our job is to get products to our customers. We do whatever it takes to make sure this happens. Every day - rain or shine - we're on the road delivering supplies to all our locations. Every evening we're unloading trucks and restocking inventory. And by early the next morning, our customers usually have the products they need wherever they need them.